Entry #1

just wanted to say hi

2011-05-30 05:17:44 by voxmortemcg

Thanks for very warm welcome!

I'll upload more stuff today to finish my profile gallery. This time it'll be some of my older works. Once that's done, my massive attack will cease until I produce something new :) Got few new illustrations/concepts in progress so stay tuned :)

Also, I'm learning, so if you think there's something wrong going on with artwork, do not hesitate to write- you are probably right! I rarely see my mistakes (even after flipping image, resting from it etc etc), so anything that might help me learning will be highly appreciated!


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2011-06-18 08:28:12

i love your work!
do you have a deviant art?

voxmortemcg responds:

thank you :)
yup I'm there too!
check here: voxmortem.deviantart.com